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catstudio is a unique design company that creates original geographical artwork with a bit of humor and nostalgia mixed into each handcrafted piece. Established in 2000, we are the original geography collection.

Inspired by our love of travel and discovery, we are able to capture the emotional connections that we all have to different parts of the world - growing up in Ohio, college in Texas, summer trips to Yellowstone & children living in San Francisco. Everyone has a “catstudio story.”
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Jan 8-15, 2019
Bulding 1- Floor 9
Showroom 9-A-10

Dallas Market Center
Jan 16-20, 2019
Design Finds - Trade Mart
Trademart Atrium, Booth #836
Las Vegas Market
Jan 27-31, 2019
Building C - 5th Floor
Showroom #C-505